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FDI 4.0: the next generation of FDI

  • The new global economic context and the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) may provide additional opportunities as well as threats that locations need to prepare for and IPAs need to anticipate (through further digitalization)​
  • Every single “target” sector or industry is likely to be affected by the 4th Industrial Revolution – though in varying degrees and with different outcomes​
  • FDI 4.0: leads to new sectors, new players, hybrid forms of FDI and New Forms of Investment (NFIs) and requires countries and IPAs to take a different approach towards investment attraction, competitiveness and take sustainability as the cornet stone​
  • We provide FDI 4.0 Bootcamps in order to prepare countries and IPAs for the next generation of FDI and IPAs​

FDI 4.0 is cross border foreign involvement which capitalizes on the 4th Industrial Revolution to attract foreign direct investment for the benefit of Planet, People & Profit and involves different players.

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