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The ‘sweet spot’ where NxtZones are
positioned and operate

  • Sustainability as priority

  • Safety

  • High quality jobs

Economic Development
  • Impact

  • Diversification

  • Innovation & digitalization (IR4.0)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Integration

Nxt Zones
  • World class facilities and infrastructure

  • Sustainable energy

  • Waste management

NxtZones services

Through our highly diverse and multi-disciplinary team we: ​
  1. Transform and restructure existing (non profitable) EZs into this new Free Trade 4.0 concept, manage the EZs and integrate in our global network of NxtZones.  ​
  2. ​Develop, design, co-finance and manage new NxtZones with a high tech, global cooperation and funding approach, focused on new global macro trends and existing strengths or clear-cut strategies identified in different countries.  


Implement our complete NxtZone design concept and customize to local conditions


Co-invest or source investors for financing the development of NxtZones 


Advisory services for EZs based on the entire life cycle of EZs: ranging from feasibility studies, legal, marketing and promotion strategies to training


Co-develop NxtZones


Interim manage or operate NxtZones


Our NxtZones model can also be implemented outside EZs

Based on the SDGs

  • Aligning environmental and economic goals and objectives through collaboration​
  • Sustainability is the common theme among NxtZones​
  • Inclusiveness: Digital NxtZones provides a platform to include local firms and entrepreneurship and connects these firms with more global players​
  • Isolated regions can become part of a global network of firms​
  • Strong collaboration with local and global universities enhances knowledge sharing and builds clusters​
  • State of the art sustainable infrastructure​
  • Building partnerships and collaboration is more important than competition among zones and among the firms within NxtZones​
  • Innovation and knowledge development is the cornerstone of NxtZones through global collaboration and local expertise












NxtZones departs from sustainable development goals, smart cities, and a global inclusive society ​


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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