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What we do
Transform existing or non performing EZs into our new EZ model, manage the EZs and integrate in our global network of NxtZones

Our Services


Feasibility & Competitive Analyses

Ensure the FZ strategy is based on strategic planning, which requires realistic assessments, global and regional benchmarking and analyses of strengths, weaknesses, market demand, local comparative advantages, local sources of competitiveness, and opportunities that collectively constitute the local value proposition.


Strategy & Organizational Development

We have been engaged to support the development of SEZ organizations and agencies responsible for investment promotion and attraction, from defining the vision and mission to implementing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms as well as building organizations that manage free zones.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Master planning & Real Estate Planning (with partner firm)

a solid master plan is the foundation of any free zone or industrial park. A god master plan also takes into account the investors’ real estate preferences of companies a free zone would like to attract and the industry in which they operate.


Legislative & (Tax) Incentives Services (with partner firm)

Support on whether SEZ Laws provide clarity for investors and improving and aligning incentive regimes with investors’ needs and requirements.

Green Buildings
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Green Buildings
Sustainable Energy
Modern Building
Modern Building
WIne Turbines

About Us

There are more than 5,500 free zones around the world and more than 500 zones will be developed over the next 5-10 years.

However, the traditional free zone model – a fenced  and demarcated area of land in combination with tax or other financial incentives for potential tenants and focused on trade and exports – has lost its value for potential (foreign) investors.

This model has been replicated in many countries and increasingly without success and thus with limited results as were initially intended (attract FDI and create jobs).

And perhaps many governments may even re-consider providing tax incentives in the future given the huge budget deficits due to COVID-19 stimulus packages. So as a SEZ you will have to offer more than just a building and tax incentives. 

We are change makers for SEZ based on a new EZ model and concept focused on future growth industries, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.  The EZ model of the future: NxtZones


The Team

Our team is inter disciplinary, from various backgrounds and different parts of the world. We understand that this is a pre-requisite to deliver great value in all our projects.

Dr. Douglas van den Berghe
Henrik von Scheel
picture Tom Becker.jpg
Tom Becker
Tom Soigwa
Ahmed Omic

Our Clients


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